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Experiences with both Foreground

? Ph.D. degree in Automation. 5+ years working experience. Fluent spoken English.
? Fast learner! Able to absorb and apply new technologies quickly.
? Strong technical writing and presentation skills. Published over 15 papers indexed in SCI or EI.Wedding Favor Ideas
? Strong sense of responsibility. Strong problem solving skills.
? Rich experiences in communication protocol implementation, embedded controller firmware and Linux software.
? Programming skills with C/C++, Shell Script, JAVA, MATLAB, OPNET, SQL, XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, LaTex.Wedding Favor Ideas
? Firmware driverhttp://homeschool-talk.com development experiences with microcontrollers, like I2C,http://forums.gigantour.com SPI, UART, KCS and Ethernet. Application development experiences with Linux, Android, Ethernet and TCP/IP based network software. http://www.hebceltfest.com/forum
? Experiences with both Foreground/Background Systems and Embedded Operating Systems. Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas
? Rich knowledge in classical and modern control theories, Genetic Algorithm, Neural Network and Fuzzy Control, PLC/DCS/FCS/Industrial Ethernet/Networked Control System.
? Design and development experienceshttp://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums with IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) Controller, HPI(Hardware Platform Interface) server, BMC(Baseboard Management Controller), SOL(Serial Delicate Wedding FavorsOver LAN), http://www.sturm.net.nz/forums NCSI(Network Controller Sideband Interface), ATCA(Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture) Shelf Manager/System Manager. How to Choose Wedding Flowers

Professional with leadership

10-year managerial experience in multinational company, during which 3-year T&E committee leader. Being familiar with T&E system building, evaluation,upgrade. Good quality system experience. CET-6. http://forum.sprawnymarketing.pl Good command in spoken English and written English.Open, integrity, initiative, passionate, team work.I am honest, faithful and care about others. I believe the source of constant improvement is helping each otherhttp://www.piratgruppen.org/forum. I am an assistant of SCM now, Some Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas worked as a tutor, led juniors to read English, Wedding Venues and a volunteer of Northeast Asia Trade and Investment Exposition. My students say I am patient, http://www.indiamike.com/india my teachers and colleagues say I am earnest, my friends say I am humoroushttp://www.edwin.com/community , my cousins say I am a mentor, and my eldership say I am filial. I like Logistics, English, smile, Geography etc. With your belief in me, an English major, fluent in English, some
Knowledge of French.Proficient in English, especially in oral English and listening, Getting TEM4 (TEST FOR ENGLISH MOJOR GRADE 4) certificate
Keen on communication and organizingEnthusiastic and optimistic in workingLoyal and responsible for my work How to Choose Wedding Flowers Professional with leadership, ownership, integrity, trust and passionvigorous and be able to work under a pressuring environment . good coordination skills, teamwork spirit,willingness to pay,adapt to international company.7 years working experience in quality management at IT infrastructure (audio/video; storage industry),Good knowledge of statistical process controls(SPC)Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas,process capabilities(CP/CPK),6 sigma, 8D/5W2H, mistake-proofinghttp://www.bollywoodblitz.com/forum, PFMEA and GR&R ,and component/product level ORT testing etc..Good computer skill of MS application software(Notes, JMP, SQL language, SAS, QMF), Good written and oral communication skills, in English; Independent,self motivated;

Mechanical background

1>well-known about production specification in English,
2>Have wide job experiences about many kinds of consumer goods inspection and factory audit(ISO9001/SA8000), have good knowledge about international quality inspection standards(EN71/UL/CE etc.), quality control system, factory operation,
3>Be familiar with GuangDong geography and can adapt traveling outside,
4>Be skilled in computer operation
5>Have good command of written and read English and speak Cantonese fluently,1>well-known about production specification in English,
2>Have wide job experiences about many kinds of consumer goods inspection and factory audit(ISO9001/SA8000), have good knowledge about international quality inspection standards(EN71/UL/CE etc.), quality control systemDelicate Wedding favors , factory operation,http://phpbbopenid.com
3>Be familiar with GuangDong geography and can adapt traveling outside,
4>Be skilled in computer operationNew Ideas on Wedding Favors
5>Have good command Wedding Favor Ideas of written and read English and speak Cantonese fluently,Integrity,dedicated and hard-working,with extensive practical knowledge in shoe making industry and can solve problems independently. Good communication skill in both English and Mandarin.Good command of computer skill.MBA degree on Supply chain managementhttp://www.supersaudi.com/vb
SAP system (MM/PP/SD modules) and business analysis on sales, inventory and purchasing.
More than 10 years of experience in supply chain functions including material planning, production planning, supplier performance, inventory performance and SAP system deployment.http://tobecom.org
Well acknowledged ability and achievements in decision-making and implementation for global product strategy and highly result-oriented working style.
Skills and Strengths New Ideas On Wedding Favors
Mechanical background
Consultant-level understanding of SAP system
Business analysis onsales, http://www.thegulfbiz.com/vb purchasing, production and inventory data
Purchasing/Production flow design / implementation
Excellent English language level http://www.serebiiforums.com

Friday, July 23, 2010

hands on

Have about 12 years experience of adhesive development, application/ technical service and process control, including one year’s oversea work experience in US and Korea in the world leading adhesive supplier, and nine years working experience in famous multinationals. Have good technical backgroundchi flat iron, have product scale up, project management and lab set up experience,chi hair straightener have quality system knowledgecheap wedding gowns, have good communication and management skills.
Career Objective:cheap prom dresses
Capable to take the responsibility of technical management related to the function of process control, project management or quality control.Highly experienced, effective and business-oriented financial professional with more than 12 years’ experience in finance and financing for medium and large firms. Extensive experience in management accounting, planning, business process optimization, project management, structured financing, internal control and credit management. Mature, independent, hands on, strong sense of initiative and analytical skills, team player, well organized, multi-task ability and strong communication skills.1. Possessing of rich experience on marketing, excellent written and verbal communications skills in both English and Chinese.hair straighteners
2. Good communication skills for government and public relationships.
3. Fast learner, self-motivated and team-work. Good business acumen and strategic thinking.
4. Make full use of internet etc. to analyze and summarize market intelligence.

And forever has no end
Life is a pure flame
Stray birds of summer come to my window

Australia or Europe

Sound knowledge of SAP SD function
Working in global environment, good communication skills in written and oral English
Oversea working experience
Capable of working under pressure and deadline
Pleasant personality with a strong will to learn new knowledge and a good team playerI am a matured, balanced and diligent lady with 10 years customer service field management experiences. Familliar with call center operation from launch time to operation. 1.Familiar with magnet component product (such as transformer, filter connecter)safety standard. like EN60950, EN61558, UL60950, UL5085, UL764 etc.
2.Familiar with safety agency factory audit, like TUV, VDE, UL, ITS, etc.
3.Understand some QA knowledge.
4.More than five years manufacturing experience.Familiar with TPM (Total Productive Manufacturing ) & CI(Continuous Improvement ). My LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/techbao
Jarod.Baozi - SDET II, full time, Microsoft, Beijing
Previous positions:casual wedding dresses
Senior QA Dev, at Symantec
Senior SDET- SDET3- Windows 7, at Microsoft Headquarters, Seattle
*I'm also the founder of Microsoft headquarters Chinese Traditional Culture group in Seattle, which belongs to member for the Microsoft Chinese Employee Community (2500+ people).
I'm currently authorized workingbeach wedding dresses in China. If you have positions which can provide work visa in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia or Europe, I'd like to consider either.
I am on Google search result:
http://www.google.com/searchcheap wedding dresses?q=%E9%B2%8D%E8%87%A3%E7%A4%BC
Jarod.Baozi - SDET II, full time, Microsoft, Beijing
Previous positions:
Senior QA Dev, at Symantec
Senior SDET- SDET3- Windows 7, at Microsoft Headquarters, Seattle- 11 years experience in Marketing consulting and IT, 7 years in loyalty and interactive marketing
- Experience in designing and implementing marketing programs for fortune 500 companies
- Specialize in customer acquisition and retention, segmentation, and lifecycle communication strategycheap evening dresses
- Ability to develop a strong relationship with Productwedding dresses, Engineering, and Sales
- Strong analytical skills; commercially astute
- MBA with emphasis in Marketing and Business Strategy single is simple锟斤拷double is trouble
Life is like a boat
always together锟斤拷forever apart

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Days later, mystery still shrouds stock market's 'flash crash

Five days after the US stock marketfill in the blanks went haywire, securities regulators said Tuesday they have no solid answers about what went wrong.
But regulators and stock market executives, appearing before a congressional panel, said they'll pursue new "circuit breakers" a world in a grain of sanddesigned to reduce the risk of a repeat in the kind of unusual volatility that left investors amazed and exasperated last Thursday. The event at issue has been called byHold infinity some the "flash crash."US Stock prices had fallen more than 2 percent by early afternoon Thursday, but then the plunge suddenly and inexplicably accelerated. The Dowtouches your heart
Jones Industrial Average was soon down more than 8 percent. Then, just as suddenly, share prices surged upward and theMake youself a better person market closed with a roughly 3 percent loss for the day."I think we would all agree that the market did not [work]," said Lawrence Leibowitz, chief operating officer of NYSE Euronext, which operates the New York Stock Exchange.In fact, the erratic trading on May 6 is exposing two sides of Wall Street that both are disturbing to some investors. First, exchanges have become so complex that even insiders can't easily explain the kind of mayhem that occurred Thursday. (Even blue chip stocks including Procter a Gamble plunged as much as 30 percent in a few minutes.)Second, for all the mysteries, Wall Street has a public-relations challenge, as the investigation amplifies concerns about whether computerized trading by sophisticated firms is helping or harming America's capital markets."To what extent do you agree with the view that these high-frequency traders are just parasites on the market?" Rep. Brad Sherman (D) of California asked Mary Schapiro, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.So far, the practice of high-frequency trading, in which firms seek to take advantage of profit opportunities that last for fractions of a second, has not been implicated as a cause of Thursdays mini-crash.But Ms. Schapiro said the SEC is working to assess the role of these trades, and how they affect the markets.She said the inquiry into May 6 so far has not found evidence that the cause involved computer hackers, cyber terrorists, of a big investor making an erroneous trade due to a "fat finger" on the keyboard. She also downplayed the view that trading in so-called E-mini contracts (a trade in stock-index futures) played a key role. http://x-boarding.com

Why Russia's Dmitry Medvedev is visiting Syria

Russian President Dmitry MedvedevJust have a little faith spent part of his second day in Damascus in closed-door meetings with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, signaling Moscow's interest in bringing former Soviet allies back into its orbit.In a joint press conference Monday evening, Mr. Medvedev,put all this behind us the first Russian head of state to visit Syria, said that Russia's commitment to Syria was consistent despite "changes in the world." President Assad, for his part, was quoShe is the love of my lifeted as saying that his country would "never forget how [Russia] stood by us during the battle for the Golan [Heights]" with Israel. He also requested Moscow's continued support in demanding that Israel return the land it seized during the 1967 Six-Day War.a plan to make all of this right

Both countries have muchit's your turn to gain from improved ties. Syria could strengthen its hand by drawing closer to its one-time ally, whose veto on the UN Security Council could prove key in any conflict with Israel. Russia, for its part, wants to bolster its presence in the Middle East, and could also further cool Syria's recent but waning interest in restoring diplomatic relations with the United States. Assad had welcomed several high-ranking US officials to Damascus recently, though his rhetoric toward the US remained critical."US-Syrian relations have been deteriorating for some months now, and Syria is losing hope in any peace deal, and that means that there's gong to be conflict between Syria and Israel," says Joshua Landis, a professor at the University of Oklahoma. "Syria's strategy is going to be to try to isolate the US in the Middle East, and to hang Israel around America's neck."President Obama in February nominated veteran diplomat Robert Ford as ambassador, a post that had been vacant since the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, for which some blamed Syria. But after that brief US-Syria warming, a chill has again descended, with Republicans blocking Mr. Ford's confirmation and Obama renewing economic sanctions May 8. Further straining matters was the US condemnation of Syria after Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, claimed last month that Syria was transferring long-range missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanonhttp://rpforum.eu